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Tharakans Photography – Creating Core Brand Assets

Tharakans Photography – Creating Core Brand Assets

Tharakans Photography Studio, a small but popular photography agency in South India approached us, requiring us to create a logo and core brand assets for their brand. Being an agency run by a sole proprietor in Abraham Tharakan, the aim was to design the brand assets around the the personal touch that the owner gave to all his customers. After understanding their brand and the target market they wanted to appeal to, we set in motion a plan to design a unique logo. This would be the stamp that mark all their offline and online content. So, it was very important we got it right. While collecting ideas, it became clear that a logo around a unique variation of Tharakan’s signature would be the best path forward. After several iterations of different variations, we came up with something that was perfect for their brand.


The next step was to identify the colour that would best represent the brand. Being a brand that photographed the happiest days of people, i.e: their wedding, we needed the colour to be happy, fresh and easy to look at.

A lot of mixing and matching, led us to a beautiful Tangerine Yellow (#FFCD00)

We also ensured that we created variations of the logo that could be used in different situations. The folks at Tharakans were absolutely delighted that the logo represented everything they wanted it to.